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Leading the way.

Here at Stout we pride ourselves on being a relationship-driven business disguised as a conveyor company. It's our mission to empower people — our employees, our customers, our colleagues — so that they can achieve their goals, lead well, and leave their own legacy.

The TC-50 is more than a piece of equipment.

"Start somewhere," they say.

Founders Jon and Nick met at 22. Jon interviewed and hired Nick as a laborer for his dad's excavating company. They had a shared entrepreneurial spirit and relentless work ethic; After six months, they promised to one-day start a business together.

Both started in the construction industry as youth. Now adults with careers, their perspective shifted from doing the work, to doing hard work smarter. Jon was determined to find a material handler that could fit into the small areas of a tight town, replacing the old-fashioned wheelbarrow. Nick needed equipment that assisted in prepping slabs for concrete in low overhead areas, replacing large conveyor systems. A vision was caught of the possible combined solution —

What we know today as the TC-50.

Jon Fike

Jon is the mastermind behind the operation. He serves as the lead for all research and development, dialed-in to every square inch of the engineering and design.


Son of a construction owner, Jon was born and raised running equipment. Time spent on an excavator or dozer is his kind of medicine. 


With an insatiable appetite for adventure, at 23 he headed west from the hills of Ohio to the mountains of Colorado. There he married his wife Lizzie in the heart of Telluride. They self-built a beautiful bungalow just outside of town in the mountainside, complete with matching outbuildings for Riley, Eleanor, Wini, and Olive - their dog, two sheep, and goat - a pack worth following. You can find Jon and Lizzie doing just about anything under the sun — cross country skiing, running, rock climbing, ice climbing, or sailing. Did we mention Jon's a volunteer fire fighter? 

Nick Bardall

Nick is chief of the brand and business development efforts, which ultimately means he builds relationships. It is critical to Nick that he cultivates a company - and culture - that serves and empowers others; his product should undoubtedly do the same. It’s safe to say he’s been promoting the TC-50 since Jon pitched the idea.

Nick grew up in a small town, the son of generational farmers. His discipline and determination are agreeably unmatched; You work hard, respect, and enjoy what you have. He’s made his career in construction management, with extensive experience in excavating, concrete, and general contract work. 

Nick lives in Colorado with his wife Robyn and three young kids. Country born and raised, Nick works for a weekend in the woods. He’s a student of the outdoors and an avid hunter.

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