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When it comes to mobility, light and fast wins. The TC-50 can easily be towed behind any vehicle with a 21,000+ pound towing capacity.


All body panels surrounding the engine/control compartment can be removed to allow for the best possible access to complete service work.


A simple and logical control layout makes for a quick learning curve. All functions are clearly labeled allowing for an operator to go from learning to earning.


Mining-grade Tungsten Carbide and polyurethane belt scrapers assure every ounce of material is placed where it belongs.


Built with many components found in the mining industry, the TC-50 allows for dependable operation with tried and true components.


The TC-50 is able to run everything from dirt to concrete, with virtually no change in machine setup - moving more than previously possible. 

9,000 square foot
coverage area

From a single location the TC-50 reaches 4,000+ square feet of area; With an added 20 foot slinging distance, the coverage area is increased by 5,000 square feet.

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